Monday, January 7, 2013

Peter L. Michaelson is NOT Neutral and FAILS to Disclose Conflicts of Interest.

PETER L. MICHAELSON Michaelson & Wallace Red Bank, NJ

Peter L. Michaelson, ADR Chambers, LLC, New York,

Peter L. Michaelson, CCA, College of Commercial Arbitrators

Peter L. Michaelson - National Academy of Distinguished Neutrals

Peter L. MICHAELSON. Attorney, Arbitrator and Mediator. Michaelson ADR Chambers, LLC

Peter L. Michaelson, Esq.

Peter L. Michaelson was at Bell Labs WITH Kenneth Rubenstein Proskauer Rose Patent Attorney Who STOLE the iViewit Technology and pooled the Technology in MPEG LA Patent Pools.  Peter L. Michaelson KNOWS and Peter L. Michaelson used WIPO fraudulently to SHUT down Blogs of  Investigative Blogger Crystal L. Cox EXPOSING Kenneth Rubenstein, Judith Kaye, Proskauer Rose, SONY, Warner Bros., APPLE, Proskauer Rose, Synaptics, Liberty Media, Corbin Fisher, and More involved in massive conspiracy in the worlds largest technology crime regarding Eliot Bernstein and the STEALING of the iViewit Technology.

Peter L. Michaelson Arbitration Lawyers

Peter L. Michaelson Attorney

Peter L. Michaelson Profit Sharing Plan and Trust

Peter L. Michaelson Statement of Impartiality - NOT for  Investigative Blogger Crystal L. Cox or IviewIt Founder and Inventor Eliot Bernstein.

Michaelson ADE Chambers LLC

"Arbitrator and Mediator - for domestic and international -Intellectual Property disputes (patent matters involving a wide range of technologies from electronic to pharmaceutical to mechanical; trademark and trade secret matters), Information Technology disputes, and
Technology-related disputes across a wide range of industries encompassing,
e.g., infrastructure (including BIT disputes), telecom, biotech, pharmaceuticals and energy."


Michaelson ADE Chambers LLC - Peter L. Michaelson has Criminally and Civilly Conspired in a WIPO Dispute to Defame, Harass, Threaten, Steal Intellectual Property, Retaliate on a Whistle Blower, Suppress Free Speech, Publicly accusation of Criminal Acts NOT Committed and has Criminally and Civilly Conspired to remove information / blogs of Investigative Blogger Crystal L. Cox from the Internet in MASS, in regard to Liberty Media Holdings, Greenberg Traurig, Silicon Graphics, MovieFly, Blockbuster, Warner Bros., Proskauer Rose Law Firm, MPEG LA, Corbin Fisher, Kenneth Rubenstein and the massive technology infringement regarding the iViewit Video Technology

 Investigative Blogger Crystal L. Cox  ALLEGES that Peter L. Michaelson - Mediator based in Rumson, New York is not a Neutral and should not be mediated anything. Peter L. Michaelson meets at INTA meetings with the same attorneys and conspires to do as they need done in cases such as WIPO Decisions.

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Peter L. Michaelson Patent Attorney

Peter L. Michaelson Patent Search Click Here

"Fellow, Chartered Arbitrator and Former Trustee (Americas Region), Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (UK); Fellow, College of Commercial Arbitrators (US); Fellow, Australian Center for International Commercial Arbitration (member of mediation and arbitration panels); Arbitrator (including String Confusion Objections panel) - ICDR; Arbitrator and Mediator (commercial, large complex case and domain name panels; technology, biotech, pharma. and other specialty rosters) - AAA; Arbitrator - LCIA; Approved Mediator/Arbitrator in IP, Domain Name 
and Legal Rights Objections panels - WIPO; Arbitrator/Mediator - CPR (technology, biotech and e-discovery panels); Arbitrator - British Columbia International Commercial Arbitration Centre; Arbitrator and Mediator -USDC-EDNY; Arbitrator - Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA); Approved Mediator - New Jersey Superior Court; Accredited Mediator - CEDR (UK). Member: CPR Institute, International Arbitration Club of New 
York; National Academy of Distinguished Neutrals, American Bar Association (Dispute Resolution and IP sections), New York, New Jersey and Alaska Bar Associations"

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